EED: A New Paradigm for Coaching & Facilitation

EED: A New Paradigm for Coaching & Facilitation

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Working directly with Relationship Dynamics, EED significantly enhances individual & team coaching, facilitation, leadership development, conflict resolution with applications extending to the consulting, mediation, sales, therapy, the healing arts and more​.

For Individual & Team Coaches

EED increases range, speed and precision, quickly neutralizing layers of resistance and self-sabotage with razor-sharp focus, to uncover the innate resilience and creativity that will ultimately empower the desired breakthrough. EED coaches leverage context to ensuring solid and sustainable change.

















For Leaders & Managers of People

EED provides the tools to navigate complex relationships cleanly and simply. Understanding team dynamics on a fractal level, the EED leader reconciles problems efficiently at the core level to restore top team performance with greater unity and enhanced vision. Not only does EED sharpen and expand a leader's presence, leaders learn how to convert disruptive patterns into emerging resilience, capturing the group's creative impulse as they work through conflicts and resistance to achieve shared objectives.

For Consultants

EED helps consultants smoothly and efficiently drill down quickly to the most important issues that will facilitate change. They learn to read clients on subtle levels, addressing hidden needs and identifying the unique strengths that will reinforce the client's ability to flow and adapt with the change process. EED's specialized tools enhance the consultant's ability to deepen relationship and interpret the client's demands with flexible communication skills that minimize resistance and enable creative strategies to emerge.









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Troy Yorke | mm, cpcc

Troy Yorke, creator of Emergent Essence Dynamics™, is a Performance Master Coach for Executive Leaders and Arts & Entertainment Professionals. His diverse background of over 25 years as an award-winning concert pianist, composer, writer, Film/TV actor and producer incorporates a wealth of knowledge working with human creativity and high-performance behaviour.

A lifetime pursuit of excellence and mastery has led him around the globe working with top performers, trailblazers and thought leaders, including performing at the United Nations. Former Senior Faculty at Coaches Training Institute, he travels internationally to train EED programs. His pragmatic style, inspirational passion and multifaceted approach make him a dynamic trainer that liberates the creative brilliance of each individual.

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