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Creating the Coaching Opening

Creating the coaching opening using the Relationship Dynamics that immediately appear – a deeper topic emerges for the client from the in-the-moment behaviour of the relationship.

Using Provocation to Cut
Through Ambiguity

Troy Yorke demonstrates how to use relationship dynamics and provocation to create immediate depth and intimacy with a coaching client.

Surfacing a Deeper Topic

Often a client will come with a superficial coaching topic or won’t be sure what they want to talk about. Troy Yorke demonstrates how to quickly connect your client to a deeper pattern in their life.

Emergent Essence Dynamics™
Webinar Archives

Enjoy these EED Webinar recordings.  Our free webinars introduce you to some of EED’s most innovative skills and concepts as taught in its series of training modules. You will gain a whole new awareness of how to work more effectively and efficiently with clients while walking away with some new and inspiring tools that you can easily practice. 

Each webinar is 60 minutes and limited to 24 participants.

Our LIVE Webinar Series will resume in 2023… Check back later for the Schedule

When we transcend our reptilian programming of fear, reactivity, scarcity, and stress… we enter a joyful flow-state of creativity where cooperation and generosity thrive abundantly.

In Part 2, we take a deep dive into the reptilian mind, how it functions and how to enter higher states of lucidity that are not controlled by fear.

Understanding the Enneagram helps us understand our own fears, reactivity, desires, strengths, weaknesses and life lessons. It enriches our compassion for others, enhances leadership and enables us to be more agile and creative with conflict.

A flow-state of creativity and resilience enables us to thrive and adapt with joy, vitality, strength and momentum. The key to get that flow started is to override any ingrained “mindset” of fear, need, survival or control. 

Our genuine desire to be a good person can be preyed upon, used or distorted by others to manipulate, coerce and control our behaviours and choices. Simple resilience within will counter-act any attempts by others to co-opt, poison or destroy our natural instinct to be compassionate and human. 

Our body’s intelligence system is a microcosm of diversity, replete with a variety of strengths, energies and specialized functions. A healthy alignment of our body’s power centres not only enhances creative inspiration and inner stability, it makes all our relationships more vibrant, healthy and resilient.

Our emotions manifest subtle thoughts and intentions precisely into reality through swift and powerful action. If our mental and emotional discipline is not in check, we risk becoming victims of our own reckless and irrational programming based on fear, emptiness and reactivity.

What we learn as children determines what we carry forward into all our relationships. The Parent-Child dynamic shapes our relationship to authority, fear, control, creativity, security, freedom, self-worth and more. If we are not properly taught to develop an adult mind that can navigate complex relationships, we are conditioned to remain trapped in a child-like, dependent mindset.

Masculine and feminine energies are largely misunderstood and get distorted or stigmatized by society, causing us to miss out on a huge portion of our power and creativity! We explore simple ways to capitalize on BOTH energies together and reclaim our true wholeness as divine human beings.

Many clients get lost or frustrated and start pulling their coach into roles like Guru, Saviour, Helper, Fixer… but that can destroy or disempower the coaching relationship. We explore simple ways to keep the coach role clean and the relationship empowered while still being able to borrow from other roles to remain versatile and creative with clients.

It’s not enough to jump into action as soon as inspiration hits. It’s important to test the strength and integrity of a person’s idea, passion and desire so their energy doesn’t deflate with the first obstacle. Testing resilience BEFORE action ensures they remain truly agile out there in the real world. This webinar focuses on how the Art of Provocation, when properly applied, catapults a person forward with their creative pursuits.

It’s not enough to jump into action as soon as inspiration hits. It’s important to test the strength and integrity of a person’s idea, passion and desire so their energy doesn’t deflate with the first obstacle. Testing resilience BEFORE action ensures they remain truly agile out there in the real world. This webinar focuses on how the Art of Provocation, when properly applied, catapults a person forward with their creative pursuits.

It’s easy to get disconnected from our source of power and creativity, especially during darker seasons of inactivity… like winter! But those periods are also the perfect time to revitalize our health, our ideas and create the space for new paths and new beginnings. This webinar focuses on simple ways to reconnect to our original essence, shed old patterns and re-invigorate our passions, desires and will to create something divine in our life.

Creation comes from intention and everything begins at Source. The Hermetic Principles help define the mechanics of the creative process through natural laws that help us reconcile this unified Source with our world of duality. This webinar outlines how we can put these principles into action so we not only flow in balance with the world around us but also co-create with it from a source of resilience and focused intention. 

Law of Attraction is often misunderstood as “commanding” the universe to manifest what you want. It takes much more than imagining a Vision or believing a Belief to create a new reality. This webinar dives into the transpersonal aspects of Law of Attraction that don’t often get talked about. From the alchemical point of view, law of attraction is a natural process of purification and transmutation of ourselves, our relationships and our world that exalts the highest expression of humanity.

Our dreams function in the Shamanic state of consciousness which is beyond the limits of ego or identity. This webinar outlines how we can harness a free-flowing connection to our Shamanic state and learn from our fears, joys, and desires to reprogram our beliefs. This is the playground to set in motion new paths and possibilities, and is one of the first key steps to co-creating new realities in the world around us.

Repeated anxiety and stress will program an automatic fear response that can potentially sabotage our choices if we let it go unchecked. We can recondition ourselves to respond differently when confronted with stress, chaos or fearful conditions so we remain lucid, creative and connected to our resilience. When we are able to remain resilient, despite whatever happens to us or around us, we naturally activate our peak strengths to create the best out of life.

Life Purpose is not something we aspire to nor something to achieve. It’s also a myth to think we need to accomplish BIG things in order to feel purposeful and fulfilled. When we discover that our purpose is already innate within us, we can orient all our activities toward a pure and simple expression of our unique essence, which, in its most refined state, makes a powerful contribution to the world around us… naturally.

There are many levels of knowledge we can access and each has its own particular function. Each level navigates life differently and influences how we make our choices. Our higher faculties access wisdom and intuition but there are many myths about what makes a person wise and many misconceptions about intuition. We also celebrate logic and education, but are these really promoting our highest levels of intelligence available or are they keeping us in a lower, limited mindset?

The pursuit of genuine self-expression is often attached to a particular image of what authenticity should look like. There are many myths floating around about the importance of being vulnerable and how one should behave when truly “authentic”. Many of those myths can be a mind trap. Part 1 redefines what it is to be authentic from a resilient place.

Part 2 examines in-depth the nature of vulnerability, how it can be weaponized for emotional manipulation, and how to access a truly invulnerable state of open-ness, strength and integrity.

Creative inspiration may feel random at times, but you can be cultivate the ability to call it up at will. This webinar gives you basic techniques to clear a path within yourself and allow creative energy to enter and flow through you. With patience and persistence, you can learn to gradually let go of mental control, and open yourself to willfully act from an unimpeded flow of pure creative potential.

When embarking on a personal growth journey, we are often told to get Ego out of the way. This is partially true, but if we try to eliminate Ego or Identity entirely, we are throwing the baby out with the bath-water! This webinar examines how to maintain Identity without cutting the connection to our higher divine essence. With practice, we can ground ourselves in Essence and work more harmoniously in our world, tapping into unity with others, without sacrificing individuality or diversity… and this opens a cleaner, more practical path of personal and spiritual evolution.

Forgiveness is not an easy path to follow. It goes against our nature to balance the scales. This webinar explores how to step out of Victim, reconcile Power and Compassion, and hold others accountable WITHOUT becoming a Persecutor ourselves. Reconciliation is a tricky process and forgiveness does not feel natural… but it certainly is possible to dissolve the Victim-Persecutor cycle and open a new evolutionary path for ourselves as human beings.

Forgiveness is an unbearable choice demanding ultimate resilience and humility. We have the opportunity at any moment to release ourselves from the Victim-Persecutor cycle but it demands we walk through many doors that crumble and dissolve our Identity before we can arrive at that moment of genuine reconciliation. Part 2 walks us through the natural sequence of these doors so we can prepare to do the disciplined work forgiveness demands of both sides.

It is human nature to seek validation and control in order to survive. However, this very need leaves us susceptible to manipulation as we seek a source OUTSIDE of ourselves rather than connect with the resilient source within. This webinar addresses at length how identity is a double-edged sword: it is a necessary vehicle to create, manifest and thrive, but it can also be co-opted by power-games, propaganda, and manipulation tactics in its pursuit of well-being.

In Part 2 of “War-Games of Identity” we give antidotes to a variety of manipulative game tactics so we restore our natural resilience and return to a divine state of unity, creativity and autonomy.

Everyone wants change for the better, but not everyone wants to do the actual work. Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could just wave a magic wand and make all our challenges disappear? Not gonna happen. This webinar shows you how to use the first few minutes of a session to set up a successful transformational process where the client overcomes resistance and automatically engages their natural strength, will and desire to face their most important challenges head-on.

Mastery demands a balance of patience and persistence, along with compassion and discipline… but it does not have to feel like a chore! This webinar breaks down how the learning process is built on fractal cycles that balance polarities. Once we understand these cycles, learning becomes a pleasure as we become more adept with ourselves through each new skill we acquire.

How we handle the various energies we meet determines whether it feeds or depletes our vitality. This webinar outlines how to connect with the pure, vital essence of anything we experience and use its energy to strengthen our resilience and well-being. We have the ability to take anything life throws at us and turn it to our favour.

The shadows we confront in times of difficulty present the perfect lessons that will move us forward… if we embrace them resiliently. Our greatest moments arise when we are able to let go of everything we thought we knew. This webinar gives you more tips on using the Hero’s Journey to embrace the shadow and increase our resilience during times of chaos, upheaval or transition.

How we react to the changing world around us determines whether we imprison or liberate ourselves. Although fear and resistance are a natural part of our being, especially in uncertainty, they don’t have to take over our actions, decisions or logic. This webinar discusses simple ways to distinguish between natural instinct and reactive patterns of fear.

What drives the need for fulfillment and transformation? This webinar radically shifts your whole approach to leadership, coaching, team work and relationships. It shows you precisely how to pierce through the smokescreens of fear, doubt and resistance to instantly activate the true resilient nature of any human being.

Law of Attraction is not magic, it’s not passive and it certainly is not about escaping one reality for another! That said, we are all co-creators participating in a co-creative reality that DOES respond to our fundamental intentions. The question is: WHAT exactly are the intentions we are broadcasting? The other question is: HOW exactly are we responding when reality broadcasts our intentions BACK to us? This webinar strips down the myths and ideas around Law of Attraction to the very basics of what it means to create and what it really demands to be a creator.

This webinar explores how to navigate potential traps of transformation that reinforce fear, aggravate a sense of lack or entice our desires with false fulfillment. By exploring the true nature of our creative and transformational process, we can reorient personal mastery towards liberation, resilience and full autonomy. This is especially crucial for coaches and leaders guiding people through any change process!

We all have been victimized or persecuted and we all have the choice to forgive or retaliate. But how do we hold the scales of justice without becoming persecutors ourselves? This webinar explores how to reconcile heart and power together, where we can forgive with compassion and strength while holding our persecutors accountable with authority and love… without fear of being victimized or victimizing others.

What If relationships function as fractals, playing a larger game of opposing truths, meant to test our resilience and wake us up to a larger lesson? What if that lesson guarantees our liberation? This webinar shows you some simple ways to wake up to the game, and start embracing the lesson it offers. If we play the game not to win, but to master ourselves first, we can open a much larger reality in our relationships and enter Unity Consciousness.

Values are very popular in the coaching profession and they can work amazingly well to guide the client and move them forward. However, values can also get co-opted by the personality and begin to entrench the client in limiting choices and beliefs. This webinar reveals the traps inherent in Values-based work and gives practical tips how to free the client from co-opted Values and get into Source Energy where the real creativity flows.

This webinar introduces “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell as a map of our transformational cycles. When we understand where we are in our transformational process, we can reconcile our past and take the reins of our present to actively co-create our future… as the Hero we were always destined to be.

Emergent Essence Dynamics™
Webinar Audios

Building Resilience

Resilience is the foundation for sustainable transformation. Behind every narrative, drama, or struggle, Resilience is at work… but it can be mischannelled to work against us. When we cut through the drama and drop into a direct experience of our own innate Resilience, we enter a state of peace, creativity and unattachment where our actions flow, we are flexible and we feel unstoppable.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • Simple tools to capture and access core Resilience
  • How Resilience is very different and more powerful than simple Resonance
  • Taking action from an embodied Resilient state

Breaking Through Resistance

Resistance is a natural part of our creative process. However, when we experience the friction of Resistance, we try to overcome it by fighting it or avoiding it… but that just creates even more friction which can leave us feeling disempowered. When we embrace Resistance, we transform it into a powerful creative force that not only reveals hidden strengths but also reinforces our core Resilience.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • The four main behaviours of Resistance
  • How to convert Resistance into Resilience
  • Tips on how to handle common forms of Resistance

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