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Emergent Essence Dynamics™
Coaching Demos

Creating the Coaching Opening

Creating the coaching opening using the Relationship Dynamics that immediately appear – a deeper topic emerges for the client from the in-the-moment behaviour of the relationship.

Using Provocation to Cut
Through Ambiguity

Troy Yorke demonstrates how to use relationship dynamics and provocation to create immediate depth and intimacy with a coaching client.

Surfacing a Deeper Topic

Often a client will come with a superficial coaching topic or won’t be sure what they want to talk about. Troy Yorke demonstrates how to quickly connect your client to a deeper pattern in their life.

Emergent Essence Dynamics™
Webinar Videos

Enjoy these EED Free Webinar recordings.  Our free webinars introduce you to some of EED’s most innovative skills and concepts as taught in its in-person series of training modules. You will gain a whole new awareness of how to work more effectively and efficiently with clients while walking away with some new and inspiring tools that you can easily practice.  Each webinar is 90 minutes and limited to 24 participants.

Are Values Really that Valuable?

Values are very popular in the coaching profession and they can work amazingly well to guide the client and move them forward. However, values can also get co-opted by the personality and begin to entrench the client in limiting choices and beliefs. This webinar reveals the traps inherent in Values-based work and gives practical tips how to free the client from co-opted Values and get into Source Energy where the real creativity flows.

Awakening the Hero Within

This webinar introduces “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell as a map of our transformational cycles. When we understand where we are in our transformational process, we can reconcile our past and take the reins of our present to actively co-create our future… as the Hero we were always destined to be.

Emergent Essence Dynamics™
Webinar Audios

Building Resilience

Resilience is the foundation for sustainable transformation. Behind every narrative, drama, or struggle, Resilience is at work… but it can be mischannelled to work against us. When we cut through the drama and drop into a direct experience of our own innate Resilience, we enter a state of peace, creativity and unattachment where our actions flow, we are flexible and we feel unstoppable.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • Simple tools to capture and access core Resilience
  • How Resilience is very different and more powerful than simple Resonance
  • Taking action from an embodied Resilient state

Breaking Through Resistance

Resistance is a natural part of our creative process. However, when we experience the friction of Resistance, we try to overcome it by fighting it or avoiding it… but that just creates even more friction which can leave us feeling disempowered. When we embrace Resistance, we transform it into a powerful creative force that not only reveals hidden strengths but also reinforces our core Resilience.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • The four main behaviours of Resistance
  • How to convert Resistance into Resilience
  • Tips on how to handle common forms of Resistance

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