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Emergent Essence Dynamics™ harnesses a person’s innate Resilience to reconcile fear-based patterns, converting Resistance and Self-Sabotage into a liberated state of creativity and well-being.

Drawing from fields as diverse as Quantum Physics & Buddhism, Acting & Improvisation, Neuroscience & the latest in Consciousness Research, EED breaks new ground in leadership and coaching methods using fractal dynamics to amplify Resilience, release Resistance and Reconcile core conflicts.

EED’s simple and pragmatic approach significantly enhances individual & team coaching, facilitation, therapy, and conflict resolution with applications extending to the healing arts, leadership development, mediation, consulting, sales and more.

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EED Program – Europe 2019
EED Program – Canada 2018

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Next Webinar: March 6
“The Basics of Manifesting New Realities”
Tips for entering creative Flow-States and working with Law of Attraction


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It’s nice to think of ourselves as creative and resourceful, but if we don’t directly access resilience, then the “idea” of resourcefulness remains just that – a nice word or philosophy – but it doesn’t feel like a reality… especially when things get real tough.

In those moments, when it feels like everything is crumbling and all “resources” have gone right out the window, the last thing we want to hear from someone is “You are resourceful”! It’s like rubbing salt in the wound.

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Focus on Resilience over Transformation

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